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Protect your Grand Haven Restaurants name with a germ protection program.

Germ Protection Program

One customer getting sick in your Grand Haven restaurant can do a lot of harm to your name.  It may be that it will be reported through social media about getting sick, or your restaurant may be shut down and need to be cleaned from top to bottom before it can be opened for business again.  This can all be avoided with a germ protection program from EcoVive.

Keeping you Grand Haven restaurant clean is the first step, but cleaning is not sanitizing. And, most employees are not properly disinfecting tables when they clean them off.  For the normal use of bleach water to be effective it must remain “wet” on the surface for 5-10 minutes.  Do your employees do this?

With the use of an Ozone treatment, which will significantly reduce germs, viruses and bacteria on both porous and non-porous surfaces, followed by an Antimicrobial Treatment with BioZone protectant which protects surfaces up to 90 days?

The application is guaranteed to significantly reduce germs long term. We show the process is working by performing a simple swab test which shows a germ “count” before and after the treatment process. During the 90 day window a random testing can be done to show the treatment is still working.

When a facility has been treated with BioZone Protectant, a logo will be placed in an obvious place so that your customers will know that your restaurant has taken the proper steps to create a healthy indoor environment for their safety.

To find out more about this important program give us a call, or fill out our contact form on our website and we will contact you.

Remember, once someone becomes ill in your restaurant and spreads the word, it is much harder and often times more expansive to gain the public’s trust.

EcoVive Sanitizing


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Restaurant Sanitizing-Grand Rapids

Restaurant Sanitizing

With the bad publicity that comes from customers getting sick at a restaurant, sanitizing should be a top priority. With an Ozone treatment by EcoVive your facility will be sanitized. Normal cleaning is not enough to protect against germs.

Sanitizing is the normal and natural duty for ozone.  Many of us have smelled the “Fresh Air” that comes after a spring thundershower.  The air seems so refreshing and rich.  Ozone is part of this process.  Lightning discharges form large volumes of ozone that linger for up to an hour after the rain has passed.  But, there is more.

Ozone attacks bacteria and viruses by destroying the outer membrane.  There is no defense as the gas penetrates throughout the building. Restaurants are pleased to know that there is no residue or VOCs created by this process. Bacteria cannot mutate to avoid ozone attacks.  It kills germs with the same effect the first time and the hundredth time.

EcoVive follows up our Ozone treatment with an Anti-microbial surface treatment. The process involves the use of a micron diffuser to create a fine mist that permeates the entire facility and covers every cubic inch of exposed surface area. Our treatment bonds to your facilities walls, partitions, countertops, ceiling tiles, doorknobs, light switches-virtually everything- killing bacteria, and preventing it from forming again.   It is a treatment that stays on the surface working 24/7 to inhibit bacteria, germs, odors, and even mold.  It would seem like a huge filtration system that attracts microbial threats with a biostatic charge, and then pierces the microbes as they land. It is non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-transferable. Our Anti-microbial surface treatment on surfaces will inhibit such threats as E. coli, salmonellea, and listeria that easily contaminate food and causes serious illnesses.

Schedule a consultation with our certified odor specialist. We will map out a program that will provide the punch that will keep your restaurant and your customers safe.

How it works

While your employees do a good job of cleaning, they can’t reach every corner of your facility. That’s what makes our treatment so effective- it kills germs in places where manual sanitation processes can’t go. Because our Ozone treatment is a gas, it gets into every inch of the building. Making your restaurant more sanitary than it may have been in years.


Schedule a consultation with our certified odor specialist.  We will map out a program that will provide the triple punch that will keep your facility and your clients safe. Call today: 616-401-9176

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