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Spring Cleaning

Tips to Use Spring Cleaning to Boost Mental, Physical Health

tips to clean for spring


The spring season comes with a spirit of rejuvenation. To fully embrace that spirit, it helps to give yourself a fresh start by thoroughly cleaning your home. And spring cleaning benefits go beyond having a clean and clutter-free home — it can also provide numerous mental and physical health benefits.



Mental health benefits of spring cleaning


Reduces stress: A cluttered home can be a major cause of stress. When a home is disorganized, you have a hard time finding things. And disorganization can lead to feelings of anxiety and worry. Spring cleaning and organizing can help facilitate a relaxed home environment and offer peace of mind.


Reduces the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD): SAD is a seasonal form of depression that affects many people in fall through the winter season. With the onset of spring, cleaning and organization can help bring vitality. Pulling back and dusting drapes, curtains or blinds can help let in sunlight to give you an extra mood boost.


It makes you happier: A spring cleaning week survey revealed that families felt happier living in a tidy and clean home. Successfully cleaning your home comes with a sense of satisfaction. And if you get the whole family involved, everyone can benefit from order an organization. And it sure makes it easier to find necessary papers, books or sports equipment.


Boosts productivity: Decluttering both your house and office as part of your spring cleaning regimen creates an environment that’s conducive to solid daily routines. It saves time and energy when everything that has a place is in its place.


Physical Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning


Promotes respiratory health: Over the winter season, dust, mold, chemical toxins, and other allergens may have accumulated in your house. These allergens can cause respiratory health issues such as colds and asthma. Vacuuming the house thoroughly (don’t forget those hard-to-reach places!) and installing new air filters regularly helps remove allergens and improves indoor air quality, promoting better respiratory health.


Boosts energy levels: Spring cleaning is a form of physical activity that helps burn calories. On average, you burn about 100 calories when vacuuming for 30 minutes. If you have been feeling sluggish this winter, spring cleaning could give you the motivation to get active. Incorporate squats and lunges when carrying laundry and cleaning cabinets to get an extra boost.


Better sleep. A survey by the National Sleep Foundation found out that 75 percent of respondents slept better with a cleaner, less cluttered bedroom. Be sure to put away clean clothes or piled up laundry, and move any lingering paperwork to the office or filing folder. Having those piles can lead to anxiety that affects good sleep.


Encourages healthy eating: Many people look to spring to reinvigorate their health eating goals for the year. Purging your pantry and cleaning out the refrigerator allows you to get rid of expired and unhealthy food items in your kitchen.


Reduces the risk of trip hazards: Cluttered walkways and floors are a common cause of trip and fall accidents among children, adults and the elderly in a home. When spring cleaning, look out for tripping hazards such as a torn carpet, protruding furniture parts, and scattered toys.


As you say goodbye to the winter season and usher in the warm and bright days ahead with a thorough spring cleaning, your home will be a better place to live in, and your health will thank you for it.


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