Shopping Cart Protection

Shopping Cart Protection


A number of studies completed on shopping carts have raised health concerns. Shopping carts are always mentioned high on the list of the dirtiest areas. Children and the elderly are especially prone to the Coliform bacteria found on most carts.

Are you interested in providing shopping cart protection against germs?  Having a BioZone AntiMicrobial surface treatment by EcoVive is the answer to this problem. Our treatment is not a chemical reaction, but rather a mechanical process that is a bacteria-fighting layer of protection. Bacteria and germs simply have no safe place to land, colonize, or spread.

Build customer loyalty and reduce labor costs while your patrons enjoy shopping with confidence you are protecting them.

Harsh, toxic chemicals are commonly used in sanitizing wipes, but they don’t sanitize for very long.Independent lab testing shows that the BioZone antimicrobial treatment is capable of dramatic reduction of microbial threats.  Cleaning is always essential, but adding a BioZone Protectant treatment on a regular cycle can provide extraordinary microbial reductions as high as 99% over a 30-60 day cycle.  The fact that BioZone Protectant can be applied with a minimum of interruption is important.  BioZone application is certainly less expensive than gallons of disinfectants, many hours of paid labor, and the fact that there is no residual protection in these traditional sanitizing methods.  So don’t just put up a dispenser alongside the shopping carts, put a layer of protection on every cart.

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