Pet Odors-Cat Urine-Dog smells

Stop having to cover up, or apologizing for “The Smell” when visitors or family stop by.

Pet OdorsBeing a pet owner has many rewards, but it has its downside. Even the best homes can have a “Pet Odor” problem, and bathing your pets will not completely solve the problem. Bedding, furniture, carpet, and floors hide the pet odors that bathing cannot cure. Worse yet, trying to cover up pet odor may not be a healthy option.  Sprays, powders, and deodorizers pose health concerns as more chemicals are being compounded and introduced into the home. These short-term fixes may have long-term health implications for your family.

Our pet odor Removal is also a sanitizing process. One of the processes we use for odor removal is with an Ozone treatment. All surfaces are affected by the ozone process, even the recessed areas that are rarely treated. Our treatment process will reach everything in the building to kill the bacteria that causes the bad odors.

Sniper Biocide

Sniper does not mask odors or produce noxious fragrances or scents. It simply eliminates the odor. It breaks down biological contamination treating the source of the odor. It is ideal for using around people or animals with allergies or with immune deficiencies as it is not harmful and will not produce volatile organic compounds. With the use of Sniper, odor removal is effective against the most poweful odors, even skunk and cat urine.

H2O2 Decon

This is our 2-part Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. This is a powerful Odor removal treatment that will not only remove pet odors, but also sanitizes all the surfaces.

Pet dander and dust mites often cause respiratory problems. Each of our treatment options are  proven agents that reduces allergens in the air. You will notice that breathing is a lot easier after our service has done the job.

WarningFleas and dust mites are adversely affected by ozone used in our deodorization process. We are not a pest service, but ozone has an adverse impact on these unwanted pests. It is not uncommon to find that fleas, dust mites, and other small insects are harmed by the deodorization process.

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