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Odor Removal Services in Grand Rapids, MI

Odor Removal services

Having a major disaster event can leave more than just damage in your home or building; they can also leave behind terrible odors. Fire damage can leave the smell of burnt plastic and charred items long after the flames are put out. Water damage events like flooding, burst pipes, and sewage backup can leave a damp, stale odor and harmful bacteria in their wake. When that happens, you’ll want an odor removal company in Grand Rapids, MI that can remove the odor, without introducing harmful chemicals. Call EcoVive for expert odor control and odor removal in Grand Rapids, MI

Removing bad smells should be handled by a professional to ensure that the origin of the odor is completely removed from your building. At EcoVive, we follow the odor removal process below:

1) Identify the odor’s source
2) Select the appropriate Odor removal process
3) Final inspection to guarantee satisfaction

Our work isn’t done until your home or building is completely odor free and unwanted odors in your building are a thing of the past. For immediate odor removal in Grand Rapids, MI  contact EcoVive.


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  1. Max Jones May 2, 2017

    I like that you pointed out that odor elimination should be done by a professional to make sure that it is done correctly. We’ve had some weird smells in our home the last couple days, and I think its time to call someone, because we can’t find the source anywhere! I’m hoping that it isn’t a big issue, but I guess it’s better to call an odor elimination professional to make sure the problem is eliminated.

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