Mold Inspection and Testing

EcoVive can provide you with the type of mold inspection that you require. We can provide mold inspections ranging from minimal to a full service mold inspection which can include assessment, written report, lab samples (only when necessary) and give a mold remediation/action plan and clearance testing. We will let you know if you have mold, allergens or other Indoor Air Quality issues and what needs to be done to create an healthy indoor environment.

Mold Testing

Black MoldMold inspection starts as a visual inspection, but there is more to a professional inspection than confirming the presence of mold. Professional mold inspectors do a thorough inspection to determine the cause of the mold. This includes proper drainage, construction issues, and the hidden causes of mold. Understanding the cause of mold is just as important as   discovering the type of mold.

Mold is everywhere in nature. Mold is a living thing. It has tiny seeds, called spores that are found in the air both indoors and outdoors. The spores are so small that they cannot be seen without a microscope. When spores land on something dry, nothing happens. They get sucked up in the vacuum or wiped away when you dust. But if the spores land on something that is wet, they can begin to grow into the mold that you can see.  Outside, mold is a good thing because it digests the wood, leaves, and other organic matter in our world. Without it we would be over ran with dead debri.  Inside, mold is never a good idea.  Even a little spot of mold can grow into a much larger (and more expensive) problem.  Our job is to give you a truthful assessment of the mold threat, and to offer the smart solutions that will eliminate the problem.  Some mold problems can even do done by the owner.

Mold Inspections:

  • Summary Inspection:  $150 with written report.
  • Comprehensive Inspection and Testing:  $365 includes 3 samples ( air or swab), written assessment and lab analysis report. Additional samples are $65 each.

Certified through MICRO, one of the nations leaders in training mold professionals. Our inspectors complete thorough assessments, written reports, and action protocol plans.

All samples are examined at Hayes microbial, an AIHA accredited laboratory.

Clearance Testing: We can test after a remediation project to determine effectiveness.

Condensed Testing: If a full inspection is not required for any particular legal reason, yet you are curious about the type of contamination, we can take a few samples for lab analysis to show what strain of mold is present.

Mold Removal

Our process ELIMINATES mold by killing it and rendering it harmless as a health threat. What is left is DEAD mold (dirt, dust). Which can easily be cleaned off and/or covered without chemical agents or other high cost removal steps performed by most “remediators”.  Dead mold is not dormant mold, it is dead. If the mold problem is in an unused attic, or behind walls, why remove it? Once it has been killed, and it is not in an occupied space, there is not danger. Any visible mold or area that is exposed to the living environment can be now be inexpensively corrected.

It is true that some will say that dead mold CAN have “allergenic” or “irritating” effects if someone is exposed to it. Since the mold is dead you can wipe it away or vacuum what is exposed or visible. (HEPA vacuum and a N-95 respirator are recommended) Then, prime with an oil-based primer and paint. That’s it, your done.

Contaminated building materials and contents such as drywall, carpet, hardwood floors or other building materials only need to be replaced if their structure is compromised. For example, if there was a flood and mold began to grow up the wall, only the area that was compromised will need to be removed. We can work with that, whereas many “remediators” or “restoration” companies will insist on removing all the walls and ceilings. We can and will remove all the structure, but only if necessary.

We are here to save you money when you have a need for mold removal. Our process involves identifying and correcting the source of the water intrusion and contamination, drying out the structure, then treating with our high-powered, high concentration Ozone generators to bring the structure up to a shock level of Ozone. This will kill all the mold, bacteria, virus and odor- at a reasonable and affordable price. Next, all you have to do is a basic, non-chemical cleaning, and restore your space or items to the original condition.

For more information on how we can save you literally thousands of dollars on your Mold Removal project, give us a call at: 616-401-9176. Or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

Mold Remediation

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