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Allergies are an abnormal response of your immune system. Almost anything can trigger an allergic reaction, ranging from mild to severe and life threatening. Some of those threats are pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, chemicals and fragrances. Our goal is to remove or nullify the threats in the building, and improve the Home Air Quality.


  Many people with allergies or Asthma use HEPA filtration in their homes. Use of a HEPA filter is a good idea, but it is a localized solution.  HEPA filters can only treat whatever flows through them. Pollen and other problematical irritants are scattered throughout the building, embedded in the carpet and furniture, in the ductwork, and clinging to the other surfaces.  The vast majority of the threat will never go through the HEPA filter system.


When ozone is applied to a vacated building, many of the hard-to-reach pollutants are neutralized.  Ozone will kill off dust mites, neutralize pollutants, destroy pollen, and attack dander.  Additionally, all mold spores will be destroyed.  The occupants will return to a fresh-smelling building, and the triggers of allergies and asthma are greatly reduced.  The concept is very effective.


Ozone is an enriched form of oxygen, and nothing else.  It is the extra oxygen atom that makes it   such an excellent oxidizer of contaminants.  Because ozone quickly reverts back to oxygen in about twenty minutes, it must be generated on the spot at a level that an air purifying machine cannot reach.  After a three hour treatment by EcoVive odor removal service, amazing things happen.  It is well-reported that ozone is highly reactive, but not flammable.  It attacks everything in the air and everything that the air touches.  Therefore, everything ozone touches is treated.  Odor will be eliminated at a molecular level and will never return.  Mold spores and pollen are oxidized and rendered non-threatening.  Dust mites are easily killed in all areas.  Toxic gases are neutralized.


The ozone reverts back to oxygen leaving a faint smell of rain-fresh air for a few hours.  When the family returns to their home, there is no ozone threat because ozone quickly reverts.  What they will also find is a much more allergy or asthma friendly building with much better home air quality that makes life easier for everyone.  With a routine cycle of treatment, people suffering from allergies and asthma should see a noticeable reduction in symptoms.


By addressing the house or building rather than the person, we attack one of the biggest issues for those with breathing problems. The use of Ozone means we are not bringing any chemicals into the building.  There will be no residual chemicals left behind.  Many of the small insects will have been eliminated although this is not a pest service, and mold will die away.  The results for allergy sufferers should be obvious.  With a less hostile environment, reactions are minimized.


We do recommend HEPA filtration as part of the larger treatment process as well.  The treatment process should include the more proactive use of ozone on the building.  It is unfortunate that there is no cure for allergies and asthma.  However, there are some helpful processes that can provide relief to those suffering from these conditions.


Dave Dykstra



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