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Fitness centers in Michigan have top-of-the-line fitness equipment, some complete with interactive workout monitoring and web access, many things to draw in and keep members.

But no one wants to use a gym that smells of day-old sweat or has dirty equipment or facilities. The consequences of a dirty gym go well beyond aesthetics, of course. The spread of germs and viruses through contact with equipment is a serious health concern.

Most fitness facilities don’t have the staff required to clean each piece of equipment after every use. Instead, they rely on users to wipe down their machines when finished by offering either spray cleaners or wipes. What type of cleaning product a facility offers matters less than how it’s used; both spray cleaners and wipes can only be effective if used correctly, and damaging to equipment and end-users if not.

The best way to prevent infections is to be proactive. We offer an antimicrobial surface treatment that stays on the surface for months with a germ inhibiting action. The protectant is applied to hard or soft surfaces, but unlike most sanitizers, ours works 24/7 for months to attack pathogens on the surface. The protectant sets up a field of razor sharp edges that rip the outer membrane of bacteria, virus, and fungi.  They die shortly after contact.

The impact of this treatment would be like a human falling into a lion pit of sharp stakes.  Because this is not a chemical reaction like bleach or phenols, the process works day and night to keep surface bacteria, virus, and fungus free.

Our treatment can be more than a defensive effort to protect your patron’s health.  It can be a very positive part of your new member promotion.  Unlike other gyms doing little more than cleaning to stop infection, your EcoVive protected facility is like a self-cleaning program where all exposed surfaces are constantly destroying germs after every use.  A properly Protected facility should be a strong reason for any germaphobe to select your workout center over any others.

EcoVive is a certified Michigan Odor removal company.

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