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Bio-Sanitizing with Ozone

School Odor RemovalMany would agree that children are a constant source of contagious disease. They put their hands and mouths on everything. And, they do not worry about clean hands or germs. Children like to play, handle and hug. This means that schools, day care facilities, and play areas are common transfer points for the spread of disease.

One of the first lessons to be learned is that “Cleaning is not Sanitizing.”  EPA states that sanitizers must stay on the surface for 2-10 minutes to kill most germs. Frankly, this never happens! Sanitizing is a level above ordinary cleaning. EcoVive offers a better way to stop the spread of diseases by attacking bacteria and virus where they live.

EcoVive can treat any facility sanitizing every surface, all furniture, and touchable item for bacteria and germs.  The spread of disease can be greatly reduced by making the surfaces hostile to Germs but good for people. Ozone will sanitize all surfaces, clear the air, and leave the facility sanitized. BioZone is applied to all surfaces, including soft surfaces like carpet, furniture, and wallpaper. This invisible treatment will act like a razor wire fence to invading germs. They are literally punctured when they land on the surface. Then they die. This happens 24/7  for as long as three months.

We are not a cleaning service, but we provide a level of sanitizing and cleaning that cannot be found from any cleaning service.  And no Chemicals are being introduced into the indoor environments.

Schools, Day Care, Play Areas:


Toys, books, cribs and other objects can harbor bacteria for long periods of time study finds. ( University of Buffalo)

BioZone kills odors, prevents mold, and inhibits bacteria and pathogen growth on any surface, reducing the spread of contagious disease and providing a sanitized, disease-free school environment for children.

 MRSA Sanitizing for Schools, Daycares, and Fitness Centers

As MRSA makes its rounds this year, please be aware of the best practices in preventative programs as well as post-infection services. Presently, the best prevention goes beyond the basic promotion of hand washing. MRSA is a bacteria that originates in the community and constantly re-infects schools and athletic facilities. To reduce the potential for infection, antimicrobial surface treatments can be quickly applied and will last for months. By applying a surface treatment throughout the facility, all types of pathogens are tremendously reduced.

Antimicrobial surface treatments can be applied by professional services trained to cover every inch of the facility with particular attention to gym and athletic areas. Mats, locker areas, and workout equipment are treated as well. Similar services can also treat uniforms that will inhibit germs and odors for months after application.

Locally, EcoVive is a provider of this preventative treatment and offers postinfection services. These are trained Environmental Health Services technicians.

The good news is that a twice a year program is effective and cost saving. Application of the BioZone Protectant is done in one evening, but has germ inhibiting action for three months or more. The product is EPA registered, environmentally safe, non-toxic, and leave no chemical residue.

Environmental Health Services recommends the most effective process of twice-a-year infection control programs to mitigate and reduce potential infection, reduce costs, and protect the people in your care.

With even more superbugs on the horizon, and the present array of infectious diseases, we are confident that the sanitizing processes suggested will decrease sick days, which affects school funding. Serious infection control reduces the cost of more laborious sanitizing processes, protects the health of the staff and students, and may reduce liabilities.

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MRSA is a bacteria that is easily spread through direct and indirect contact. There, it is particularly hard to eliminate once introduced to a communal-type facility. The potential of the re-introduction of MRSA happens because it can come from multiple sources.

Anyone suspected to be infected by MRSA should be excused from the facility and encouraged to see a physician as soon as possible.

Hand washing is always encouraged and hand sanitizers can help. Due to the speed of transfer of the MRSA bacteria, however, handwashing may have only partial success. Using a hand sanitizer that has residual germ inhibiting action provides a higher level of infection prevention.

Normal cleaning processes should continue with increased attention to “High Touch” areas. To prolong the periods between cleaning antimicrobial surface treatments will inhibit the colonization of bacteria and further potential infections.

Applying a full area application of BioZone Protectant twice a year can give the prophylactic protection needed to prevent or minimize the spread of most infectious diseases, including MRSA. This process is professionally applied without any residual environmental health concerns.

A two-step process cleaning with Ozonated water followed by an antimicrobial surface treatment will effectively sanitize all areas in one pass. The second step of BioZone Protectant will create a germ inhibiting surface that does not allow germ colonization on surfaces.

Disrupting the pathways of infection is the most effective method to control infections, minimize the impact of infectious disease, and restore normal operations during any infectious health threat.

Cost minimization of the BioZone System means the man hours required for an aggressive sanitizing program are greatly reduced.  Instead of larger costs for hand scrubbing and the harsh chemicals used during an infection cycle, the spray on application of Ozone water and BioZone Protectant saves any institution money in labor cost, lost time of student/staff, and the need for constant reapplication of sanitizers that have no residual infection fighting properties.