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Sniper Biocide

EcoVive now utilizes Sniper as another tool in fighting odors, germs, bacteria, mold and viruses.

Why SNiPER Biocide

Odor Removal

The answer lies in SNiPER®’s proprietary chemistry; it is a breakthrough in environmental science. SNiPER® is an industrial strength cleaner and disinfectant without the toxic effects. It is non-corrosive, non-flammable and Eco-Friendly to you and the environment. It is not just a disinfectant; it is an Eco-Friendly biocide able to address indoor pollution in its many forms. SNiPER® has been meticulously designed for exceptional performance on a broad scale while remaining safe and eco-friendly. Traditional technology for biological control uses toxic chemicals to poison its target. SNiPER® does not use poison to disinfect; rather it is specifically engineered to be selective in its attack, targeting harmful biological and chemical contaminants without causing harm to your health or your environment. It exhibits a rapid kill over a wide range of organisms, including Swine Flu, Avian Flu, MRSA, Aspergillus, Legionella, Norovirus, Salmonella, E. coli, Stachybotrys and much more. It is able to render toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and volatile organic compounds
into Eco-Friendly components. It is not just a green product, it will green your environment.
SNiPER®‘s ability to target and kill the most harmful viruses makes it the ideal cleaner for flu and cold season. As we see with SNiPER®, not all disinfectants are created equally. You need technology that is working for you, targeting the most harmful microbial threats. Reduce infection and illness, clean and disinfect with SNiPER®.
SNiPER® inactivates bacterial and fungal spores for maximum protection. Some cleaners claim to kill 99.9% of “germs” but may not be killing the most life threatening virus, bacteria and spores. Spores can lay dormant for long periods of time and are hard to kill. When conditions become favorable again, they revive and re-infest. Sporing bacteria are the cause of a number of serious diseases in humans. A product that cannot inactivate spores is like killing the mother spider without killing the thousand eggs she just hatched. When using SNiPER® along with a proper cleaning regimen, you can be sure you are killing the most harmful micro-organisms and spores making it impossible for them to revive and re-infest.

Remove mildew smell

SNiPER® disinfects and removes mold and mildew from home and work environments. Use to remove odor from laundry and washer. Remove mold, mildew and odor from your washing machine.

Pet Odor Removal

SNiPER® can be sprayed directly on all of your pets. It is safe to use to remove odors and protect the health of your pet from E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA (staph infections) and other harmful micro-organisms.
SNiPER® is able to eliminate ammonia odors from cat urine. It eliminates methane odors from the bacteria in feces. Spray directly on the source of the odor to eliminate decay, skunk, vomit, any foul odor. Allow it to sit to break down and remove stains even blood stains and the odor. SNiPER® also kills bacteria, virus, mold and spores. It has multiple applications for residential, commercial and industrial needs.

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Infection Control for Kennels

Infection Control

Infections can run through your kennel as quickly as a child’s cold runs through a day-care center. With proper care, these common feline and canine illnesses typically present little or no problems.  But without good management and care, the slightest infection can lead to severe illness, chronic health problems, even fatal pneumonia. Careful preventive health care and sanitation are your best weapons against infections in your shelter. Whether your kennel admits 10 animals per week or 1,000, it’s faced with an ever-changing population. Who knows where all those dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies have been and to what diseases they’ve been exposed? Yours is a daily battle against incoming infectious diseases.  The bad news is that you can’t and won’t win every battle against infections in your shelter. But the good news is that you can win the war. No single pill, vaccine, or procedure will eliminate the problem of infection, but many strategies, implemented together, will achieve the goal of infection control. The two major strategies for controlling infections in the shelter are minimizing exposure to the disease-causing viruses and bacteria and strengthening each animal’s immunity to infection. Each strategy is essential. Implementing these two strategies also provides the added benefit of decreasing the incidence of other infectious diseases in your shelter population.

 Minimizing Exposure to Infectious Agents

Wouldn’t it be great if you could put up an invisible barrier at the entrance to your shelter through which no viruses or bacteria could pass? Unfortunately, this just isn’t possible. It is impossible to completely eliminate all disease in the shelter because nearly every animal who walks through your front door is potentially–and probably—carrying an infectious disease. Even though you can’t shield the animals in your shelter from viruses and bacteria, you can minimize their exposure to infectious disease. One of the best ways to do this is to have a proper sanitation program in place.  Having the proper cleaning protocol is the first line of defense. This would include removing solid waste and urine, washing the area completely, and then disinfecting.  Following the directions of the disinfectant is very important to it working properly.  Are you sure your employees are using the chemicals properly? And then there is the danger of using chemicals. Not just for the animals, but for your employees as well.

Chemical Free and Safe Infection Control.

EcoVive of Grand Rapids offers a better way of Infection Control. With the use of our Ozone water system, and Sniper Biocide, we can safely clean not only your kennels, but the complete building.

Unlike chemical cleaners, aqueous ozone reverts back to simple water and oxygen with no harmful residues or vapors after its job is done which can then be poured down a drain safely. It is USDA and FDA approved. Ozone water kills viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals.  We also go one step further to provide a layer of protection against the germs that will be introduced by the next animal that comes through your doors. We apply an Antimicrobial treatment to all surfaces that provides a layer of defense. Our Antimicrobial treatment is safe for Humans and Pets, does not leach off, and works through a mechanical process, not a chemical one to kill germs.  This will provide protection for up to 60 days.


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Odor Removal

Odor Removal for Rental Homes

Odor Removal services

When owning rental homes, many times when the tenant moves out the owner has to do repairs to get it ready to rent out again. One of the things left behind is Odors. Sometimes these are easy to get rid of by a good cleaning. But, when a serious odor is present a professional is needed. EcoVive offers Odor Removal services that utilizes chemical free applications. With the use of Ozone and essential oils, we can eliminate foul odors. Trying to cover up smells in a rental home with candles and sprays only lasts for a short time, and leads to calls from the renters after they have moved in.  Depending on how bad the odors are, Odor Removal can be completed in 4-12 hours.  Not only do our Ozone treatments remove odors, it also will rid the home of bacteria, viruses, dust mites and other nasty little things. Leaving the home in great shape.

Essential Oil

A few of the calls we get are to “freshen” up a rental home or a house that is for sale. They don’t have bad odors, just a funky smell. While this does not require a complete Odor Removal treatment, it can benefit from our exclusive essential oil odor removal blend. This will remove the smells, and leave a very pleasant smell in the home.

No longer do you have to try and hide a smell from prospective renters. You can have them eliminated.

Call EcoVive today to schedule an Odor Removal service.  616-401-9176

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Tips for selling a home that smells

Don’t try selling a home that smells

Are you thinking of selling your home? If your home has smells, either from cooking, pets, mold or mildew, or cigarette smoke, you may have a hard time getting people to be interested in buying it.

Many people are sensitive to smells, and will be turned off as soon as they walk into a home that has odors. Many sellers focus on the visual aspect of staging their home, but do not put much thought into how their house smells.

Here are a few things about smells, and what can be done to make your home odor neutral.

  1. You can’t hide smells — you need to eliminate them. Buyers who don’t smoke and never have will be able to detect the smell of cigarettes, pets and their messes, and even intense home cooking smells, often from their first step into the home. So it’s essential to approach your challenge as it really is: to remove or eliminate the odors, versus simply spraying something on top of them.

To someone who is sensitive or allergic to cigarette smoke, the only thing worse than the smell of smoke is the saccharine-sweet, fake floral scents someone has sprayed right on top of cigarette smoke odors.

  1. Take odor-specific steps to vanquishing smells. What you must do to truly eliminate an odor depends on the odor itself. With pets, often a thorough vacuum, carpet cleaning and washing any upholstery, curtains, blankets or other textiles in the home can go a long way, but to truly eliminate the odors an Ozone treatment of the home will be needed. If a pet has repeatedly had accidents on a particular spot of floor or carpet, it might require replacing or refinishing.


Cooking odors are similar, and can often be vanquished with a good scrubbing down of kitchen walls and floors, ceilings, and even range hoods and vent fans/filters; painting the kitchen walls and ceilings is not overkill.

But smoking is the big daddy of all odors, because (a) it is typically done chronically, for years, and (b) by its nature, smoke can get into every crack and crevice. To get rid of the smell from cigarettes will require a good scrubbing of all surfaces, and a professional ozone treatment of the home.  Ozone is a natural oxidizer that destroys odors.

When you decide to sell your home you want to get the best price for it that you can. Cleaning the home, making the outside look nice are things that need to be done, but having a professional Odor elimination company treat the inside of the home is another step that should be considered. Most people cannot smell the odors in their own home because they have lived with them for years. Have someone you know check your home for odors. If they do not live in the home, they will be able to pick up any odors that are there.

EcoVive of Grand Rapids

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Aqueous Ozone Cleaning

Chemical free cleaning with aqueous ozone

Unlike chemical cleaners, aqueous ozone reverts back to simple water and oxygen with no harmful residues or vapors after its job is done, which can then be poured down a drain safely without any harmful effects on the environment. The use of ozone as a cleaning and sanitizing agent is not new. Its cleaning and disinfecting properties were discovered, and have been used by scientists since 1886. Ozone naturally occurs in the atmosphere when sunlight or lightning adds an extra oxygen atom to the oxygen molecules in the air. Some of this ozone becomes infused with rain drops during a storm, resulting in aqueous ozone.

XytoBlast aqueous ozoneLiquid Ozone

EcoVive carries the Xytoblast liquid ozone system, that converts normal water into an oxygen-rich solution.  As you might already know, oxygen is a fantastic oxidizer that will eat away almost any pollution or contaminant.  The process is faster than chlorine products like bleach.  While the EPA recommends 8-10 minutes of Dwell Time for cleaning products like bleach, our system kills pathogens 300 times better and 3000 times faster than bleach.  Kill the worst pathogens in just 10 seconds, not 8-10 minutes required by the sanitizers you now use.

 The Xytoblast liquid ozone system is the new way to clean and sanitize. It is a non-chemical sanitizing system that can eliminate e coli, salmonella, and other bacteria from your facility. Our innovative system is FDA approved for food service areas, but versatile enough to treat nearly any cleaning and sanitizing problem.  Our systems destroys the biofilm, pierces the outer membrane of bacteria, virus, and fungi; producing a remarkable level of sanitizing.

Aqueous ozone has many industrial applications, but is primarily used to clean, sanitize, deodorize, and neutralize pollutants.  Aqueous ozone is a broad application tool that is considered  environmentally-friendly because it is made from oxygen and returns to oxygen once the job is done.  FDA has determined that ozone is safe for food preparation areas, which means it is safe nearly everywhere.  OSHA considers ozone to be GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).

Veterinary hospitals, dog kennels, dog daycare centers, pet shops and zoos can all benefit from the use of aqueous ozone. Since liquid ozone acts as a fungicide, virucide, disinfectant and sanitizer, eliminating odors so well that the presence of animals is hardly noticeable. And the best part is liquid ozone is completely safe to use around, or even on animals.

Contact us today so we can help you clean and sanitize the cost efficient, green way. 616-401-9176




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Crime scene Odor Removal

Odor removal is an important aspect of crime scene cleanup, particularly when it comes to the odors caused by a body in a state of decay.
The decomposition process that occurs after death emits odors that infiltrate rooms and everything in them, including walls and furniture, leaving an ever-present reminder of death. To eliminate the source of the odor, especially with soft goods like upholstered furniture, the items must be removed and a shock treatment performed.

We don’t use air fresheners to mask the smell. We remove the odors using the most advanced odor removal technology available. Our ozone machines effectively remove lingering acrid smells, whether they’re caused by human decomposition or smoke, or any other scenario that requires odor removal.
How It Works

  • The source of contamination is removed first, and then ozone machines do their job. The ozone neutralizes the air and can take up to 48 hours to finish working. The machines used by EcoVive are extremely effective and can be used for cars, houses and even industrial buildings.
  • EcoVive keeps multiple machines on hand, so it’s possible for them to do more than one odor control job at a time.
  • Odor removal is a process, that can’t be achieved with simple air fresheners. If your odor is emanating from rodent urine you must contact a pest control company first to eliminate the rodent infestation.
  • Then call EcoVive to remove the fecal matter and the odor associated with the rodents.
  • Each situation is different and must be treated accordingly.


Whether the odor is caused by decomposition or any other source, EcoVive restores fresh air to the site. Our odor control methods have been effective in every situation we have come across.

EcoVive creates healthy indoor environments by removing offensive odors, bacteria and viruses. Whatever the cause of an odor, EcoVive restores fresh air to your home or business.

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Fire and smoke odor removal

      Fire and Smoke damage odor removal

Odor Removal

EcoVive can remove all the odors resulting from Fire and smoke damage. Odor removal requires specialized equipment to ensure success of the process. We use state of the art ozone generators to remove the smoke odor that is left after a fire in homes and businesses.

A fire in a building heats up the air causing the “pores” to open at a molecular level in clothing, carpeting, walls and furniture. With the smoke being hot, it is able to get into these pores. Once the air cools, the smoke is trapped inside. With just a little warmth, the pores open allowing some of the smoke smell to escape. This is why smoke smells never seem to go away.

The solution to totally eliminate the fire and smoke damage odor is with a “ozone shock treatment”. Using ozone generators, we produce enough ozone to seek out and destroy the smoke molecules, leaving only clean, fresh air in the building.

Odor Removal

Ozone is chemical free, non-combustible, and reverts back into oxygen shortly after use. Ozone is active oxygen, nature’s most powerful and purest oxidizing agent. Ozone, like oxygen is natural yet kills contaminants 3000 times faster than chlorine (a corrosive chemical), and is 350 times more powerful. Ozone is FDA and USDA approved, and was certified as organic in 2001. Ozone safely kills, destroys, eliminates, and purifies smoke odors, pet odors, urine odors, strep, staph and H1N1.

Ozone shock treatments provide a safe and cost-effective way to completely rid your home or business of fire and smoke damage odor. Ozone is a “smoke eater” that destroys smoke odors at the molecular level.

Call (616-401-9176) for fire and smoke damage odor removal.


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Locker room Odor Removal

Locker room Odor

Locker rooms and gym bathrooms are notorious for the odor that is associated with them. They can have a whole range of nasty locker room odors which include a host of body odors and sweat which are not easy to get rid of.

Over time these odors can build up to create problems that normal cleaning cannot take care of. Due to the elements that are present in these facilities such as sweat, showers and steam rooms which all have moisture, humidity and heat associated with them, locker room odors are produced quickly and the microorganisms which help to create locker room odors can multiply quickly and will thrive in these environments. Along with the odor in locker rooms, viruses and bacteria also thrive in these conditions and which cause further harm to our bodies and bodily systems. These locker room odors and viruses are not easy to eliminate and need to be dealt with in a more aggressive way than purely using chemical based cleaners such as bleach and chlorine to cover them up and try to clean them. The telltale locker room odors that indicate there are microorganisms and bacteria in a location are mustiness and a stale odor that seems to be creating a heavy and potent smell in the surrounding air.

Odor Remediation

Our high output ozone generators and liquid ozone machines are able to get rid of these locker room odors for good and they are able to purify and deodorize an entire facility by destroying the sources of locker room odors at the molecular level. Our ozone machines are able to generate massive amounts of ozone molecules in a space and release them into the area so that they can naturally deodorize and purify the air within the facility. While our chemical free Ozone treatment is killing the locker room odors, they also make the air cleaner and healthier for all to breathe in. Ozone is known as nature’s air purifier and it is able to make clean, odor free air in facilities where it is important for people to be breathing in healthy, clean and safe air. Our odor removal technologies are green and environmentally friendly. Instead of being hit by a smell of chlorine, bleach, sweat and other body odors, it is refreshing to be able to walk into a sporting facility which has no locker room odors, just a fresh, clean scent!

Call EcoVive of Grand Rapids today to improve the image of your locker room. 616-401-9176

EcoVive of Grand Rapids provides odor removal services throughout West Michigan.


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Liquid Ozone Cleaning systems-Grand Rapids

XytoBlast Liquid Ozone can solve many of today’s cleaning challenges by harnessing the power of nature and without introducing harsh chemical formulations into the environment.

A top priority in today’s health conscious population is using safe cleaning solutions for everyday needs. As a society, we are moving away from harsh chemical cleaners and are looking at greener, healthier and more ecological friendly ways to clean and eliminate germs faster and more effectively. Phasing out harsh chemical cleaners can begin with by looking at a natural, safe cleaning solution that can be used in their place.

Using Liquid ozone instead of harsh chemical cleaners can help us reduce the use of dangerous chemicals and all the side effects that are being discovered because of the chemicals being used today.

Liquid ozone is more sustainable and safer than chemical cleaning agents because, once used, liquid ozone reverts to water and oxygen molecules, leaving only a bucket of dirty water to be poured down the drain. No dangerous chemicals being introduced into the eco-system. And unlike chemical agents, liquid ozone does not leave a residue on cleaned surfaces. Liquid Ozone has been given the designation of GRAS by the FDA  (generally recognized as safe) by the Food and Drug Administration. Other researchers are quick to point out that it can kill E. coli, salmonella, MRSA, C-Difficile and 99% of odor-causing bacteria as well.

What is “Liquid Ozone”.

Liquid ozone is a water-based ozone cleaner, which makes it a unique alternative.

The XytoBlast liquid ozone generating units create this cleaning solution by filtering oxygen molecules from the air, passing them through an electrical field that turns it into ozone and then infuses the ozone into water. When used as directed, liquid ozone eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, mildew and other contaminants on any item or surface before changing safely back into water and oxygen. It is environmentally more effective than many alternatives, as it reverts to water and oxygen after cleaning.

This option can be used on all types of surfaces and is considered a multi-purpose cleaner.  Liquid Ozone is a highly effective cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants in the same way as toxic cleaners, but naturally. When used as a cleaning solution, liquid ozone is a broad range antimicrobial agent that works faster and more effectively against pathogens than chlorine bleach and hydrogen peroxide — and without fumes and toxic residues like dioxins and tri-chloramines.

Because of its toxin-free sanitizing action, liquid ozone is considered safe and environmentally friendly. Ozone is one of the most powerful cleaners available that can be used in a multitude of ways and in numerous industries.

Ozone is an extremely effective, safe and economical method of reducing common bacteria, fungi, molds, mildew and viruses on a host of surfaces in all types of facilities. Ozone’s powerful oxidizing action quickly reduces trapped chemical residues as well as harmful byproducts.

Some of the benefits of using XytoBlast Liquid ozone to clean and disinfect include:

  • Powerful Antimicrobial properties
  • No chemical residue
  • Scent-free cleaning
  • No need to purchase harmful and expensive chemicals
  • Reduces chemical handling and storage
  • One-time training for staff
  • Safer cleaning option for employees
  • Cost effective.

Liquid Ozone And Our Environment

In addition to being extremely powerful as a cleaning agent, Liquid ozone is a safe and natural solution for everyday cleaning needs.

Many of today’s commercial cleaners are extremely powerful, but are also very toxic and not environmentally friendly. Today, most companies are looking to incorporate sustainability and good environmental stewardship into their work environment and their community. By switching from harsh chemical cleaners to a more natural and safe cleaning solution, they will be one step closer to achieving the highest standards for both their employees and their surroundings.

Harness the power of nature with a XytoBlast Liquid Ozone cleaning system.

Available through EcoVive of Grand Rapids.


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Give your Home a Flu Shot

Give your Home a Flu Shot

 EcoVive Sanitizing

We all know how important it is to get our flu shots this time of year. Yet it is not a 100% guarantee against getting sick.  There are ways to increase the odds of becoming sick this season. They include washing your hands, eating healthy and trying to avoid people who are sick. But what do you do to protect your home against the Flu? The accepted practice is to get out the bleach bottle, and wipe down all the surfaces. Is this the proper way to give your home a Flu Shot? For bleach to work it needs to stay wet on a surface for a few minutes. That means jut wiping a surface with a rag with bleach water is not doing any good in killing the virus. Also, bleach is not safe when breathed in, or when it gets on your skin. Now, there is a way to give your Home or a Flu Shot without the use of toxic chemicals.


Well, technically it’s not a flu shot, but it is a layer of protection against all kinds of nasty germs and viruses that can make you sick. We all know that germs and viruses can be transferred by contact with a surface that has been compromised by someone who is sick either sneezing or coughing in the area, or has touched something and then left behind the virus.


EcoVive offers a system that will kill the viruses in your home and apply a layer of protection that will destroy any germ or virus that makes its way into your home. We will come into your home and sanitize it with an Ozone treatment, which kills any viruses that are present, and then apply an Antimicrobial surface treatment that sets up a hostile environment to germs and viruses. What this does is kill any virus that tries to land on a treated surface by rupturing the cell of the virus. All surfaces in your home can be treated; it does not matter if it is a hard or soft material, and it lasts for 90 days.


Don’t let the flu invade your home this year. Call EcoVive now to find out more about this Flu Shot for your Home.

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