Allergy Abatement

Allergy Relief Cleaning ServicesAllergy Abatement may be a new concept to some, but it is an important service to those will asthma, allergies and chemical sensitivities. It also could be described as Allergy Relief. We do not treat people, but we treat homes, offices, schools, and workplaces for any allergen triggers. Once completed, allergy sufferers will notice a dramatic reduction in symptoms and health events. One treatment can last for months.

Allergy relief strategies include good basic cleaning, which is your responsibility. However, cleaning is not enough. Our trained professionals know how to remove the allergen triggers that make life miserable for those with allergies and asthma. Removing the allergen triggers from the indoor environment will provide relief for those who suffer from allergies and asthma beyond what medicine alone can do. The indoor environment can be loaded with allergy triggers that range from dust to pet dander, VOC’s, dust mites, cleaning chemicals and mold. If we remove the allergenic triggers, life is better for those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

55% of Americans suffer from allergies. But, indoor air quality issues actually affect everyone in the building in some manner. Some IAQ issues impact workplace productivity and result in afternoon headaches, lethargy, and occasional nausea. The allergy-sensitive people will feel the most distress from poor indoor air quality, but everyone may be paying the price. All these symptoms point to an unhealthy workplace that can hurt the company’s bottom line.

Are the cleaning chemicals you use helping or hurting? There is a huge concern for the tremendous variety of chemicals that are found in our lives. This is particularly of concern for pregnant mothers, small children, those with health vulnerabilities, the chronically ill, and the elderly.

Our allergy and asthma relief program steps in to resolve the threats to homes, offices and the workplace. With a little education, we find that the relief is immediate.

By the way, change your furnace air filters at least once every 90 days. In some cases, your system may accommodate special filters that will capture pollens and other fine dust. These filters tend to make the blower work harder, so when they are partially filled, the blower is more strained.

There a few things you can do yourself to reduce the allergen triggers in your home.

Is your vacuum a HEPA filtered device? We recommend HEPA vacuums to everyone. HEPA (High – Efficiency Particulate Air) vacuums differ from conventional vacuums in that they contain filters that are capable of trapping extremely small, micro – sized particles. A true HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of all airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns.

Plan to paint or put in new carpet? Use low-VOC paint and look for carpet that will not hold allergens. Many times, there are dozens of contributors to allergy and asthma suffers. The process of creating a healthy indoor environment is often a progression of many small and large steps to a better environment.

Our proven system treats the home, office, or any room to eliminate the triggers. Try us once; you will feel the difference right away. Just give us a call at (616) 401-9176 or use our contact form.

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