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EcoVive is an innovative company based in Grand Rapids, MI. Our expressed purpose is providing practical solutions to the growing challenges to the health of indoor environments. Odor, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew all pose a health risk to occupants in the home, workplace and vehicles.

EcoVive of Grand Rapids believes in using nontoxic, green solutions that are ideal to be used around children, adults, the elderly, animals and those with allergies, asthma or immune deficiencies. We are able to combat the worst microbial infestation that threaten the indoor environments of homes, schools, daycare centers, gyms, restaurants, theaters,hotels, medical clinics, medical offices, hotels, buses and other indoor environments.

We provide our customers with the perfect solution for their needs including mold elimination, odor removal, eco-friendly disinfection and much more.

EcoVive Of Grand Rapids ability to target and kill viruses and bacteria makes or process ideal for the cold and flu season. We are able to address indoor pollution in its many forms and eliminate them, creating a greener and safer indoor environment.

BioZoneOur Guarantee

Our team at EcoVive wants you to be 100% satisfied with your odor removal service. If you feel that an odor still exists, we will be more than happy to come back and retreat any area where you feel an odor still remains – without charge. Please note our Limitations of Guarantee below.

We reserve the right to impose a trip charge for second treatments. In most cases, this would be less than $50.00

Guarantee Limitations: Hidden Causes

When a strong odor remains after treatment and we come back and discover the source to be a hidden cause (see”What are hidden causes” below), in these instances, we do not guarantee our work. However, on a positive note, the smell coming from the hidden cause will be much easier to locate. The customer may elect to have another treatment done at a discounted rate, after the hidden cause has been removed.  We may be able to assist in the removal of the hidden cause of odor, or recommend someone for the job.

What are Hidden Causes?

Some examples of hidden causes:

  • Mold caused by a moisture problem
  • Dead rodents behind walls.
  • Cigarette or cigar butts hidden in closest, under furniture, ect.
  • Rotting garbage
  • Urine that has saturated into walls, floorboards, cabinets, ect.
  • Tobacco stains on walls that have been painted over.

A thorough cleaning should be done before an Ozone treatment to make sure there are no hidden causes of odor. In the case of cigarette smoke, painting the walls will cover up the chemical that the smoke produces, but when the paint dries the odor will return. Ozone is not able to penetrate into the paint, therefore it cannot kill odors that have been encapsulated in paint.

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